CompuTek World-Computers Built to Your Specifications!Pentiums, memory, motherboards, modems, hardrives, backup systems, monitors - you name it!
Harry Dodd, President                                        Reducing the cost of affordable business solutions.
3700 Washington Avenue
Marshallton, Delaware 19808


CompuTek World is a well respected computer business in Cecil County, Maryland and Delaware. We specialize in networking small businesses to streamline intranet productivity, eCommerce, and hardware upgrades.We carry a complete line of advanced microcomputer products and services, specializing in the sale of business class computer systems and network services, peripherals, and software.

Our office can fill any computer system needs from a total computer system solution requiring an advanced Pentium Pro/Pentium II computer or server system with MMX technology to providing a basic Pentium computer system or single network workstation.

Our Support Center is provided for you to get answers you needed yesterday! While our FAQ area is being developed, please use our form to submit your queries. Our company takes pride by providing emergency services, one year warranty on parts and labor, and cost effective solutions.
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