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A solid marketing plan contains facts.
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Without facts, nothing is clear.
Without facts, we run amuck on the internet.
Indubitably, facts are part of every day life,
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2.7 million people used the Internet for shopping or to obtain commercial services such as banking or travel information.
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***A List of Research and Survey Companies***

* "If users were given their way, how would they implement protocols and applications with respect to what information is available to be logged per page requested over the WWW? As with the Sixth Survey, three out of four users agree that sites ought to be able to record the page that is requested (74.27% Seventh vs. 76.60% Sixth) and the time of the page request (70.95% Seventh vs. 74.42% Sixth). Under half (43.98% Seventh vs. 43.71% Sixth) feel that the browser that users are using ought to be collected. The machine name/address (28.04% Seventh vs. 27.00% Sixth), the operating system the user operates (28.33 Seventh vs. 26.83% Sixth), the user's email address (19.56% Seventh vs. 21.03% Sixth), and the location of the user (18.36% Seventh vs. 19.70% Sixth) are not high on people's list either. It is interesting to note that most users of the WWW can reliably gather all of the above information except email and location for every page request."
Source: 1997 WWW Survey.

*"The percentage of authors who have programmed in Java doubled in the past year to 34.15% in the Seventh Survey (17.3% in the Fifth Survey conducted April 1996) and 24.4% in the Sixth Survey (conducted October 1996). A higher percentage of Europeans have used Java, which might result from their stronger programming backgrounds (40.00% Europe vs. 33.21% US)."
Source: 1997 WWW Survey.

*"On average, women's salaries are 40% lower than men's, leaving women with less disposable income for computers, modems, software, on-line services and any additional phone charges. Female programmers earn about 70% of their male counterparts' wages, compared to women in other occupations, who earn about 62% as much as their male counterparts do. However, women in highly-paid and specialized computing jobs (including management) earn less relative to men than those in lower-paid positions."
Source: 1997 WWW Survey.

*"Women are less likely as men to be in Computer related fields (20.28% Female vs. 34.77% Male), but are equally likely to be in Management or Professional positions."
According to 1997 WWW Survey.

*"Women comprise between 10 and 15 percent of the on-line population."
Source: 1997 WWW Survey.

*According to FIND/SVP, 14.7 million households own a PC and use the Internet.

*Courtesy of an Advertising Age/Market Facts telephone survey (Sep. 6-11) of 1,000 randomly selected U.S. residents 18 and over, which says that 27 percent have been online in the past six months.

*IDC predicts that the total number of Internet users by the end of the decade will reach 163 million.

*The average age of Web users is 35.2 years old, according to the 7th GVU WWW User Survey. This average age has been steadily increasing over the last several GVU surveys.

Fourth Survey: 32.7 years
Fifth Survey: 33.0 years
Sixth Survey: 34.9 years

*The average age of computer users is 39, while the average Internet user's age is 32. About one in 10 Internet users (more than 3 million) is a child under 18 who uses the Internet from home or school.
Filed: 2-APR-97
Source: CyberAtlas Survey Consensus

*According to Nielsen Media Research, 64 percent have at least a college degree, which reflects the influence of academia on the Internet.
Conducted: Aug/Sep-95
Source: Nielsen Media Research

*Nielsen reports a median household income of $60,000. GVU5 says the average household income is $59,000.
Conducted: Apr/May-96
Source: GVU

*IAB says Web advertising revenue growing 25-Mar-97 -- The IAB (Internet Advertising Bureau) reported that Web advertising spending in 1996 was $267 million. The fourth quarter alone accounted for $109.5 million, which was a growth of 366% from the first quarter's $29.9 million. The fourth quarter's advertising revenue is well over $400 million at an annualized rate.

*12-Mar-97 -- Nielsen Media Research and Commercenet's survey finds that Internet shopping has increased. This is good information for those of you whom are in a quandry concerning whether banner ads work!

*Those whom are using the web to gather information before they purchase is apparently on the rise. A large majority of Web users -- 73 percent - spend some portion of their time online searching for information about a specific product or service. More than half of these users -- 53 percent - have searched specifically when making a purchase decision. This is a significant increase over the findings in the Fall 1995 survey, when 55 percent of all Web users used the Web for shopping and only 35 percent prior to an actual purchase. Of all Web users, 15 percent -- or approximately 5.6 million people -- have used it to purchase a product or service online.

*The internet market equals 50.6 million users over the age of 16 in the United States and Canada. Use of the World Wide Web has grown to 37.4 million users, from 17.6 million users in the fall of 1995.

*The gender gap is narrowing, as the the Spring '97 survey indicates. According to the survey, of all Internet users in the target group using the Internet in the past three months, 58 percent are male, down from 66 percent in the Fall 1995 report. But when it comes to shopping and buying behaviors, larger differences exist. Males are more likely to search for product information online than females and are more likely to make purchases. Not surprisingly, computer hardware and software is the leading category for attracting both shoppers and buyers on the Internet.

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