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With the fame of NT rising steadily, porting Perl/CGI scripts has become another geek thing to do. Hopefully, these tips may help you discover yet another reason to continue to use Perl!

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For the most recent information of Perl functions under NT, visit Perl. The man pages for your NT platform will help you out a great deal.

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Every Perl script has the interpter syntax of #!/usr/local/bin/perl on the first line. This syntax is not supported under NT. We need to tell the script where to find the perl executable for the NT platforms. Bear in mind that Unix views drives and drive partitions as mounts. NT views them as drives and directory structures. The drives must be NTFS formatted if you want to protect what's there. Basic FAT drives do not have the ability to be protected in any manner. If we specify directories or paths to a variable in our script, we must reflect the drive and directory structure rather than the mounts.

Your Perl package is installed in 'C' drive. As a reminder, Unix slashes, '/' can still be used while porting to NT.
Starting at the interpreter line, change: #!/usr/local/bin/perl to:
#C:/perl/perl.exe OR
#C:/perl/bin/perl.exe OR #C:/perl/Perl5/perl.exe
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Finally, you can pretty much ignore chmod commands as NT derives its permissions from the directory permission itself. And the Unix 'ls' will become 'dir' Use 'WinPerl' to debug your Perl scripts on NT. It has a GUI interface with the ability to edit the script as you go. Good Luck!
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