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By: Anne Palumbo

Internet and World Wide - August 1, 1997 - A.Palumbo Consultants announced the opening of its MARKETING OBELISK website area at: The addition of this area to A.Palumbo Consultants’ site is part of a long term plan to continue to help aspiring developers, business people and other internet users to learn the multidimensional strategies of web development. All types of internet users will find articles related to marketing, facts and statistics regarding the best ways to attract customers, and build progressive sites with tips and tricks inclusive. The MARKETING OBELISK also includes links to a variety of magazines that will help developers and business people keep up with the latest news in the development and marketing worlds.

Since 1995, A.Palumbo Consultants has been providing Internet users the ability to learn more about website design, marketing strategies and scripting languages. Everyone has full access to articles and white papers, as well as the ability to research books and software related to the business world.

A.Palumbo Consultants’ MARKETING OBELISK can be found at:

Visitors to A.Palumbo Consultants can:
#Explore links to some of the best research sites on the extensive Research Resources for
  marketing strategies and advertising.
#Read a variety of articles related to web development, publishing, and what the user is looking
  for in a good website.
#Learn what keeps a user on a site.
#Learn a few tricks and tips about image design.
#Place a link to their own websites to showcase their own marketing strategies, original work
  or area of expertise.
#Add related articles to the listing of online publications.

"The demographics, resources and technology of the internet is sweeping the average user off their feet", says owner of A.Palumbo Consultants, Anne Palumbo, "This has put a heavy demand on developers and marketers to learn vast amounts of information in the quickest way possible. Traditional methods, in conjunction with the power of internet technology regarding secure servers, the ease of shopping, and top notch site design capabilities need to be addressed to help overcome the inscrutable array of knowledge created by the rapid growth of the internet. Our site helps expedite that process."

"We believe the internet offers a great new resource for shoppers. As more and more sites prove by experience that shopping is safe on the internet, websites, developers, programmers, and marketing experts will be more and more in demand." Anne Palumbo also explained that A.Palumbo Consultants will continue to provide "how to" articles and other information on website development and marketing strategies, as well as editorials and columns on current topics related to website development and marketing on the internet world.

A.Palumbo Consultants will continue to provide educational data regarding bleeding edge Web designs that are visionary in style! Original graphics, CGI/Perl, Javascript, VRML, Java and database integrations will make your site legendary! Our marketing department is chock full of information for headache free site visibility and hosting coordination services created by your visionary preferences that will get you noticed...all over the world!

*For information on how you can "Whip the Web" visit our website at:A.Palumbo Consultants
or call Anne Palumbo at: (410) 642.3481
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*** Anne Palumbo is a consultant for business web designs. She is noted for her articles on marketing, design, and developer tricks and tips.
** As a web author, she designs original graphics, site layout configurations, provides database and script integration, and writes company content.
* You can find some of her work at: A.Palumbo Consultants
* You can also drop Anne a note - she’d be pleased to hear from you.

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