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By: Anne Palumbo

When saving in JPEG format, you can specify an image quality and compression level for the file. To specify image quality, enter a value between 0 and 10 or choose an option for Quality; to specify the amount of compression, drag the slider. A trade-off exists between the image quality and the amount of compression; an image compressed using Maximum quality is less compressed (and thus takes up more disk space) than an image compressed using the Low quality option.

In addition, you can select a format option for the JPEG file. To optimize the color quality of the image, select Baseline Optimized. To save the file as a progressive JPEG, select Progressive. This option displays the image gradually as it is downloaded from a Web browser, using a series of scans to show increasingly detailed versions of the entire image until all of the data has finished downloading. However, progressive JPEG images require more RAM for viewing and are not supported by all Web browsers. When you select Progressive, you can also specify the number of progressive scans.

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