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Practical Extraction and Report Language. More or less, a sequence of shell commands stuffed into a text file made executable. Easy to use, efficient, complete. What makes it a Perl Program?


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You can get Perl at and a host of other information pertaining to Perl such as conferences, libraries, Perl News, FAQ's, books, et al. Perl can slurp in your whole file as a single string. Recursion is of unlimited depth. It can make dbm files look like associative arrays. It handles binaries with flying colors and is safer than C via a dataflow tracing mechanism that closes security holes.

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Visit The Comprehensive Perl Archive Network containing the collected wisdom of the entire Perl community.

Perl & CGI have been around for a long time. From contact forms to database content, we can help you update your website! Call us today! 410.642.3481 Tips & Tricks for Developers!
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